Welcome note

It is my immense pleasure to forward this modest note of thanks for all of you who consider FAIR INTERNATIONAL as their working partner

Since the inception of FAIR INTERNATIONAL, it has created a history of unparalleled success
and growth. Our firm commitment, foresight, conflicting struggle, and dedication for the best
made us possible to get the achievement, wide, exposure, and goodwill we have earned so far.


Adopting the latest mode of communication, traveling extensively from country to country,
organizing the very informative seminars, attending to some of the world leading educational
expositions in abroad have catapulted us in reaching this pinnacle of accomplishment.

We have expertise and extensions in the field of Immigration, Students Visa, job markets, Health and Travel & Tour
Management. So if you expect to get expertise service, we can help you in that connection also.

I would like to give special thanks to all the concern persons for their priceless support
As the chief, I look forward to welcome you in FAIR INTERNATIONAL and requesting the followings
Collect huge authentic information.
Check this message.

Select a processor by talking the students & successful immigrants & job holders who have reached at their destination.

Clearly know about the institution, admission procedure, tuition fee, standard of education, class starting directly from
the university/college,

 Know the accurate information about immigration rules, job information from the concerning country government websites.

Kind regards,
M. A. Salam Sajib.