Why choose Fair International?

Why choose Fair International?

  • Fair International one of the most successful and innovative foreign admission consulting organizations in Bangladesh.
  • Fair International is a govt. recognized consulting firm and servicing for 24 years.
  • We are committed to ensure the students as individuals to achieve their full potential and lifelong ambitions.
  • Fair International is famous for the excellence of its communication to choose appropriate subject, institutions and area.
  • We also help the meritorious students for their higher study purpose by assisting for scholarship & financial assistance.

There are lot reasons to choose Fair International. Fair International teaches the students, immigrant applicants practically .

There are some requirements for universities/colleges/institutions must be fulfilled by the students when they apply for the admission. The service we provide for the students in qualifying the specified course against their qualification and financial ability:

  • Choose right course for right student.
  • Explaining tuition fees, calculating living expenses.
  • Find out educational gap and prepare application in such way so that student can easily get visa.
  • Bring offer letter and Confirmation of enrolment (COE) for students.
  • Finally give 100% assistance in getting visa from Embassy.


If you want to fulfill your dream of studying in abroad then:

  • Know the requirements of your expected country.
  • Select the right college/university/institutions.
  • Whenever you process yourself through any agent, make sure about three things:
  • If you are going to take admission in any UK institution, then
  1. Did the agent make any successful visa earlier or not?
  2. Step ahead after knowing clearly about the tution fee, class starting date and quality of education of your particular institution.
  3. You should also be confirmed that the institution does not have any illegal claim by verifying the local Thana under which the institution is situated.
  • If you are going to take admission in any UK institution, then
  1. First contact with the British Council before taking the admission and assess the papers.
  2. Be sure that your university/college/institute is fully approved.
  3. Be confirmed about the standard of the education.


What does a visa counselor want?

  • The standard of the university/college.
  • The selected subject and later relation with the future demand of the subject.
  • Enough financial solvency.
  • The commitment with study.
  • If the student has any scholarship/aid provided by the university, the counselor considers that giving a special importance.


The procedure to get visa:

What the support we provide to the students to get visa:

  • Give the list of required documents according to the subject/institute/country.
  • Check all the documents.
  • Advice to fulfill the lacking documents if there is necessary.
  • Assume the probable result assessing all the documents.
  • Send the file to the desired institution/country for the acceptance letters/offer letters/I-20.
  • Suggesting for preparing papers according to the embassy’s requirements.
  • Check all the documents by visa counselor expert and foreign university immigration officer to get visa certainly.
  • We scrutinize to the point the necessary documents as sponsorship/study loan, source of income, trade license, TIN number, IELTS/TOEFL score etc.
  • If necessary, then we provide all visa support (specially sponsorship/study loan).
  • Sending the prepared file to the university immigration officer to assess it finally.
  • Assessing the file, the university send an offer letter directly to the Embassy and send all the documents to the student.
  • We train the student for facing the embassy by informing all the necessary message.

High possibility of getting visa:

  • We assess the file by the visa expert and university immigration officer.
  • The embassy is getting the offer letter directly and gives the support to overcome those lacking’s.
  • We provide the support to the student for choosing right subject/university, giving genuine sponsor and all the guidelines.
  • Finally, by the assistance of visa counsellor expert, university immigration officer and the student through a proper guideline, the student may expect to get the visa.

N.B. This is not applicable for all the countries. Some countries do not require visa as Fiji, Egypt, Malta etc. We also collect the visa from these countries on behalf of the student at our own responsibility.